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Imagimake Give Wings To Your Imgination

Imagimake Give Wings To Your Imgination 27

Imagimake is dedicated to help children express themselves creatively. Toys offer a unique, constructive & fulfilling experience that win the hearts of not only the child but also the parents.

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Imagimake – Inspire your Imagination

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Toys are great way for children to learn.  Kids enjoyed the activities and learning kit helps them to hone their creative skills building their curiosity and helping them discover their passion. Play allows children to use their creativity  while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. As they master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges.Kids learn the best while they are playing, as they engage and interact in the world around them and are engrossed in the experience with body & mind. Play-way learning activities provide hands-on, discovery based experiences for kids. Imagimake helps in developing

  • physical
  • cognitive
  • social and
  • emotional skills

Play makes it easier for kids to learn and retain complex information and learn to apply the knowledge they have gained.products have won 10+ National & International awards and are consistently ranked among the bestselling toys & games across platforms. Imagimake is present in more than 20+ countries. 

Arrow Blue | Free Stock Photo | Illustration of a blue right facing arrow |  # 3238Imagimake products target :-

‘make Learning & Education fun and aiding in the Creative Development of children’

Learning through play?

Play is one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. It helps to build self worth by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, working with others, sharing and much more. The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life such as: Problem solving and learning cause and effect. Learning how to  play with others through compromise, conflict resolution and sharing. Development of fine and gross motor skills. Young children learn through curiosity, imagination and action. Playing help develop a child’s social and emotional skills, improve language, encourage problem-solving and build other developmental skills.

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Imagimake Fleximos

The play is in the name itself. This fantastic type of Fleximos  is so inviting to play . And being able to create their own little room decoration using vibrant colours of the easy to use Dotz clay is just so exciting.

  • CREATIVE FUN WITH FLEXIMOS – Let your child experience the joy of creativity by decorating their room with these adorable  DIY Window Art stickers
  • QUICK & EASY CRAFTS – It’s so easy, even a 3 year old can enjoy it. Just fill in the special Dotz Clay in the lovely sticker outlines while making sure to use lots and lots of clay!
  • STAIN FREE STICKERS – Once the stickers are made, just turn them upside down and gently peel off the silicon paper. Just stick on any smooth surface
  • CONVENIENT PACK SIZE – Dotz is an AIR DRY material. We have packed it in small pouches to help you consume a whole pouch once you open it. In case you wish to save an opened pouch, be sure to pack it in an air tight container (it can last for 48 hours)
  • KID SAFE CRAFTS – The kit features non-toxic and child-friendly materials

Imagimake Fleximos- Unicorn

“Imagimake Fleximos- Unicorn”

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Imagimake Fleximos Princess

“Imagimake Fleximos Princess”

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Aqua World

Imagimake Fleximos Aqua World

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