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Flashcards Learn Through Play

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“Flashcards Learn Through Play”

Flashcards make it easier for educators to provide small piece of information in memorable and interesting way. Toddlers are like mini sponges, ready to soak up everything from new words to their favorite nursery rhymes to their ABCs. Encourage your little learner to dive into learning the names of colors, numbers, shapes, and animals, and give them a head start before they get to school.

Flashcards assist kids with improving their insight and capacity to comprehend and improve visual memory. Kids are not known for their capacity to center, so Flashcards make it simpler for teachers to give little snippets of data in an essential and fascinating manner.

Flashcards for Kids Course - Online Video Lessons |

Illustration Of Kids Holding Flashcards Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty  Free Image. Image 10433028.Decks of Flashcards for toddlers help turn learning into a fun game that they’ll always want to play. You’ll be so proud. Featuring bright, full-color illustrations and large, easy-to-read lettering, the First Words Flash Cards introduce and reinforce common early vocabulary words for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Flashcards can be a very effective self-testing approach. Learning flashcards are a fun and effective way to introduce new words in a fun and engaging way. These first word cards promote increased concentration and help build the listening, memorization and recall skills necessary for student success.

A great teaching tool for both parents and teachers, the word flashcard set is ideal for homeschooling, small group instruction and the classroom, setting children up for reading success wherever they are. The flashcards are made with a glossy cardstock to easily sort words for practice with your child, and the resource card is a great tool for engaging students in fun, interactive learning games.

Why Flashcards?

✅Flashcards are an incredibly versatile study tool

✅Flashcards give your brain a very quick way to check if you got the answer correct.

✅Help you engage in active recall which teaches your brain to remember a term, concept, or process without context clues

✅Flashcards are often part of spaced practice, and repetition helps you figure out what information you can remember easily.

✅Flashcards are particularly useful  parents who are trying to introduce a new learning to their child.

  • CraftDev Laminated Reusable Activity Flashcard Learning Kit for 2 to 5 Years Kids (600+ Activities)

CraftDev Laminated Reusable Activity Flashcard Learning Kit



“This toddler flashcard set includes 600+ activities for your child. This kit includes almost all the activities which are recommended for kids age 2 to 5 years. Your kiddo can learn about colors and shapes, numbers, easy words, alphabet, Body parts, animals and birds, session, Good and Bad Habits , ect.”

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  • OOBEDU Know Our Anatomy Flash Card

OOBEDU Know Our Anatomy Flash Card

“Welcome to the new age learning with OOBEDU ‘Know Our Anatomy’ where Augmented Reality flashcards help us bring live human organs into the real world. With in-depth detailed annotation along with voice over info, learn how they function and help us perform our day to day activities. Get to know interesting facts and jump onto a Quiz session about each individual body organ system”

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